Daily FaF Smear (4/7/09)

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Published: April 7, 2009


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There’s nothing quite like watching a championship game that gets boring less than 10 minutes into it [Ed. Note - I'm always exciting for 40-100 minutes. Right, ladies?].  Last night was one of those nights with the trouncing of Michigan State done by Psycho T and his unruly gang of Tarheels.

The spurtability of the North Carolina squad was too much to handle.  They jumped out of the gates quickly.  If I remember correctly, Michigan State was only in this game for about 2 minutes.  They even had the lead at one point.  Albeit, that lead was 3-2 and after the second shot of the game.

I had no real bias going into the game.  I don’t like either program; one for being in the Big 10, the other for being too damn good over the years.  But, I’m happy for the Tarheels and Roy Williams.  Congratulations at single-handedly ripping out the heart of the Detroit automotive ind...

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