Da Bears ’09 Draft Is Best Ever: Angelo Named Mayor of Chicago

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Published: April 13, 2009


... forward to the playoffs. This is a lock. With the stunning events of the last couple of weeks—the Jay Cutler trade and the signing of Orlando Pace—Da Bears have awakened from their winter hibernation and have turned the proverbial corner as a contender for an NFL championship.

Bears' GM Jerry Angelo pulled off the deal with Denver, and also quieted rumors that he was dead. After a full and complete physical, lab work, and an MRI, the Bears medical staff dismissed the claim with the following conclusion:


"Contrary to popular opinion, Mr. Angelo has not been dead for the last 9 1/2 years. Our reports and findings appear to show that Jerry has just re-awakened from a very deep coma that affected the portion of his brain that controlled offensive personnel." After a life in the football business, it it refreshing to think that Jerry has been enlightened with the realization that a team must score some points to possibly win a contest."
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