Cutlergate: One Week On


Published: April 9, 2009


... all chances for the parties to reconcile have vanished.

Cutler was dealt to the Bears (specifics here) last week. The dust has settled (as much as it probably can) on this colossal trade. So who really got the best of the deal? The Broncos? Josh McDaniels? Da Bears? Cutler himself? We aim to find out who really won this fiscal/emotional/personal battle royale.

Let's get rrrrready to rrrrrrrrrrumble!

In the Mile High corner, wearing the equine trunks, the Denver Broncos.

On the plus side, the Broncos have managed to deal a player who was causing a media shitstorm and disrupting locker room harmony. However, they've also now gotten rid of the first top-flight quarterback they've had since John Elway retired.

Owner Pat Bowlen, (much to his credit) didn't flip-flop on his support of new head coach Josh McDaniels, and at no poin...

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