Curse Jay Cutler and the Chicago Bears (Not Josh McDaniels and Denver)


Published: April 3, 2009


... mean poorly for us, the non-Bear fans of the National Football League.

My stance on Jay Cutler is a matter of public record.  I won't rehash the subject—suffice to say I'm not a fan of the way he handled the situation. 

However, I've never doubted the guy's talent.  Jay Cutler is absolutely one of the most talented quarterbacks currently spiraling the pigskin.

When you have oodles and oodles at QB, it doesn't take too much more talent to create a special situation.

I don't know much about the Denver Broncos except that their defense was putrid last year and the entire team was decimated by injuries.  Oh, and that they almost made the playoffs on Cutler's back.

Cutler still managed to buoy the franchise to the peripherals of the AFC playoff race with some big wins despite the marginal pl...

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