Could a Denver-Detroit Trade Still Happen?


Published: April 2, 2009


... now in a "What Now?" mode.  Now looking for a face and an identity, the team with the biggest questions to answer is the Broncos.

There were rumors that the Broncos were considering trading Cutler to Detroit for the top overall pick in this year's draft; but, when the Bears offered a package bordering on Herschel Walker-to-Minnesota for him, Denver's hands were tied.

So now that the Broncos have the 12th and 18th picks in the first round and figuring that Stafford will go in one of the first five picks, what does Denver do?

Here's an intriguing scenario for both Denver and Detroit; what if Denver offered both the 12th and 18th pick to the Lions for the top pick?

Then, Denver would have the top overall pick to use on Stafford, a pick in the middle of the second round, and two in the third—thanks to Chicago.  The Broncos have already spent a lot of money upgrading their roster this winter, bringing in names like Brian Dawkins to remedy their ...

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