Cop in Moats’ Case Also Detained Thomas’ Wife


Published: March 29, 2009


... />The officer in this case, Robert Powell, grossly abused his power in detaining Moats while his mother-in-law lay dying in a hospital bed. During the 17 minutes or so, Powell had pulled his gun on Moats and prevented Moats from seeing his mother-in-law before she passed on.

Well it seems that this has not been the first time for Officer Powell.

Apparently less than a year ago, Powell had a run-in with Maritza Thomas, wife of LB Zach Thomas.

Powell pulled Mrs. Thomas over for making an illegal U-turn. She was then also cited for failure to show proof of insurance, running a red light, having an improper address on a driver’s license, and not having a registration sticker on the windshield. The latter four were later dropped.

In this case, Powell decided that it was necessary to handcuff and arrest Mrs. Thomas in lieu of simply writing her tickets.

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