Come To Think of It: Advantage Bears in the Jay Cutler Trade


Published: April 3, 2009


... I'm a Bears fan and may be a little biased. But I feel that Chicago got the better end of this trade with Denver for one simple reason: Quarterbacks like Cutler don't grow on trees.

For if they did, we would have plucked one off of that tree a helluva long time ago. It's been more than 60 years since the Bears have had a young talent as good as Cutler at the QB position. Yes, Sid Luckman was his name and it's embarrassing to think about all of the QBs the Bears have gone through since then.

Jim McMahon won a Super Bowl for us, but he couldn't stay healthy. And he didn't have the arm of a Jay Cutler.

Yes, he is not perfect. He throws interceptions. But he is a gunslinger and gunslingers take chances. Like Brett Favre, he will have his detractors. But if his career is even half as good as Favre's Hall of Fame career was, we'll be happy.

And yes, the Bears need more help. But that's a topic for another day, another time. Right now Bears fans should take...

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