Colts Face Golden Opportunity in Monday Night Game at Miami


Published: September 20, 2009

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... the Indianapolis Colts and the Tennessee Titans. 

The Titans have won two division championships. Every other title has been claimed by the Colts.

What's truly astonishing about the Colts' dominance in the division is this stat: only once, in 2002, have the Colts had a one-game lead in the division and failed to claim the title.

Only once.

Sure, a one-game lead isn't a lot in the NFL. Even a three-game lead wasn't enough for the 2008 Denver Broncos. Once the Colts get the slimmest of leads in the division, history suggests that the Colts will win the division.

Now, before you steal from your kid's college fund to get money ready for playoff tickets, I'm not suggesting the division is wrapped up before the second game even kicks off.

But...look at the rest of the division.

Jacksonville is an atrocious team.

The Colts tried to gift wrap a win in Week One, and the Jaguars politely declined.

In Week Two, the Jags ...

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