Coach Singletary and Michael Vick’s Return to the NFL


Published: April 4, 2009

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... Coach Singletary decides to make Vick a 49er, this is how it can occur.


Vick's attempt at an NFL comeback is compounded by the nature of his crime. Conventional wisdom is that it would be hard to play in San Francisco because the area is so liberal, and the Bay Area would rise up in revolt at the prospect of Vick in a 49er uniform.


America may be divided between Red States and Blue States, but every state is a dog state. Regardless of whether someone is liberal or conservative, Democrat or Republican, rich or poor, everyone loves their dog. Dog lovers are of every race, religion, economic background, and religion.


Almost everyone in America hates Michael Vick. Therefore a comeback would be just as hard in Atlanta, Houston, or Dallas as it would be in San Francisco, Seattle, or Chicago.


In order to attempt a comeback, Vick needs to express genuine sorrow over the crimes he has committed. N...

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