Cliches and Rumors Aplenty: Broncos QB Cutler Is Selling His Houses In Denver


Published: March 15, 2009


... put two of his houses in Denver up for sale.

Clearly unhappy about the handling of personnel moves made by the Broncos front office; the firing of Mike Shanahan being the most significant, and the trade talks being made behind his back by incumbent head coach Josh McDaniels for a second rate quarterback in Matt Cassell, Cutler has been requesting a trade be worked out.

The Broncos are almost at the point of no return, and if things aren't patched up fast, they will have an irate leader on their team.

Personally, I would like to see amends made between quarterback and coach, as well as ownership. Cutler has a promising future with this franchise, and trading him would be disastrous to the Broncos.

Cutler's been called a crybaby and been told to grow up. He's heard the rants and he's heard all the cliches, but I have to agree with what's been said. Strap on your helmet, be a man, and stop whining. Prove to your new coach that you are a leader! That's what the...

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