Cleveland Browns’ Position Analysis: Offensive Line


Published: April 2, 2009


... season, I decided to watch a little film. has put all of last season's games on-line (for a fee), so I decided to purchase the package.

I decided to start with the offensive linemen, because this was the area about which I felt the least knowledgeable. I also knew that to write a truly informed article, I would have to watch a good deal of film.

I also wanted to start here because the Browns seem more set with this area of the team than with any other. Some positions will need to be looked at after the draft, but the offensive line is probably the closest thing the Browns have to a team strength.

The first thing I realized was just how little I really watched offensive linemen on game day. Sure, I know their reputations and what major sports news outlets have to say about them, but how much do I really know from watching with my own eyes?

Some of what I saw simply reinforced what I believed I knew. Sometimes, I was surprised at how well or how...

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