Cleveland Browns & Loyalty: Josh Cribbs May Holdout


Published: July 11, 2009

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... wants more money all of a sudden that player is no longer loyal to their team.

Now you almost could agree with this if it wasn't only used when it is convenient at a particular time for either side. Keeping in mind the length of time a player has to collect pay checks is a lot shorter than that of any other profession or sport.

With that being said a player needs to cash in while they still have the ability to play the game, and if these contracts (which aren't always guaranteed) don't represent a player according to their field accolades they should be aloud to renegotiate contracts without a problem from front offices officials.

In the case of Joshua Cribbs he has outplayed his contract and is in the process of debating whether or not to hold out till he and the Browns can come to some sort of common ground.

Cribbs labeled as a utility player due to his many talents he brings to the football field. He is a pro bowl returner, who also play...

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