Childhood Memories of Football Sundays


Published: March 19, 2009


... Chicharron, which all people of Mexican or Latino descent all know, I talking about the Sunday ritual known as FOOTBALL.

Yes, you know what I’m talking about, the sitting in front of the TV for hours and throwing eye spears at anyone who even attempts a conversation not relative to what’s on TV, and even then it better be to add color and flavor and info to the game and not just the asking of random and often times stupid questions and remarks.

I can clearly remember watching football with my brother-in-law and learning the nuances of the game.

Being in Hawaii at the time, we were pretty much forced to watch the Sunday games at 7:00 AM and even earlier if we wanted to catch all the media frenzy before the game, crawling out of bed because I was the only one who would sit there in the living room with him being totally entertained.

My sister would have to feed us in there on Sundays because he deemed it so, and I loved her breakfasts, so I ...

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