Chicago Bears Vs 3-4 Defenses


Published: April 30, 2009


... The one thing that everyone automatically says is that you can't tell where the blitz is coming from.  Well, that's not entirely true.

The 3-4 has two defensive ends and a nose tackle on the line.  The nose tackle can shoot either the strong A gap or the weak A gap.  The defensive ends can be put pretty much anywhere.  They can sit in front of the guard, be put on the B gap, lined up in front of the tackle, or on the C gap.  That goes for strong and weak sides. 

The idea is that you cannot just automatically assign two offensive lineman to double team a certain guy.  It is exactly like sending in a stunt every single play.  We have an idea on where they're coming from, but not certain. 

How do we get this idea?  Well, the first thing is that our formation will affect their formation. 

Cover 1

The Cover 1 defense is made for one man deep or free to play however the coac...

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