Chicago Bears’ Defensive Line Ready To Rise with Rod Marinelli at the Helm


Published: April 12, 2009


... coach of the Detroit Lions, for a multitude of reasons which I will not get into here.

Where Rod Marinelli does succeed, and succeed well in is as a defensive line coach.

When the Bears acquired Marinelli as the defensive line coach, most media, fans and others brushed this off as back page sports news and didn't take the time to realize the significance of this move made by Jerry Angelo. The impact that Rod can have on the Chicago Bears defensive front can be incredible.

Lets take a look at what Rod has been able to accomplish over the years and the records, stats, streaks and improvements teams had while under his guidance.

1) The year before Rod Marinelli joined the Detroit Lions (2005), the Lions defensive front were 24th in the league in sacks. In 2007, the Lions jumped 15 spots to become the ninth best team in taking down the quarterback.

2) During the 10 years Marinelli was defensive line coach for Tampa Bay, the Buccaneers were #1 in ...

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