Chad Pennington Tops List of Second Best Quarterbacks


Published: April 15, 2009


... number of starts in this group is 77, therefore it would take a couple years for anyone in this group to significantly improve their standing. Each guy having that many starts makes this the most accurately rated group so far.

All five of these guys would fall around league average. However, Chad Pennington is the first guy on the countdown with a plus (+) rating. He gained a couple games last year. If he can have another good year, he could break the top 20.

In my opinion, Pennington is the only guy on this list who has a real chance to improve his standing. I'm afraid the other four will finish their careers with an average rating.

Biggest surprise on this list

Again, I was not surprised by the placement of anyone in this group. I think if most were asked they would say everyone in this group was an average QB.

The interesting thing here is that if asked,...

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