Carolina Panthers Moving Ahead Whether Fans Approve Or Not


Published: March 25, 2009


... of their fans. Even while fans believe that their widespread complaints about a franchise's decision-making can ultimately have an effect, they really know that no one with power actually cares.

At least I hope they do.

Frankly, the decision-makers of the Carolina Panthers could care less what their fans think they should do.

I think this is a good thing.

Beginning with the Monday morning after Carolina's meltdown against Arizona, local talk show hosts fielded angry fan after angry fan complaining that their ire for Jake Delhomme was justified, and the Panthers should fire him post-haste.

After John Fox was quoted as saying that the team "picked a bad day to have a bad day," fans started calling for his head once again (even though they were trumpeting him as Coach of the Year just 48 hours earlier).

When Julius Peppers declared through his agent that he wanted to move on from the Panthers' 4-3 scheme, fans vilified the man that had given ...

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