Can Slash Make a Comeback?


Published: April 19, 2009


... Stewart expressed interest that he would like to make a return to the NFL. Stewart claims that he has been working out and is ready to play again.

Since these comments were made last year, I have no idea if Kordell Stewart still intends to return. Kordell Stewart is now 36-years-old, which is normally retirement age for a quarterback (unless you are Brett Favre, the age is 90). The question now is does Kordell Stewart still have the strength and speed to play in the NFL?

The problem I see is that nobody would want him. If the Steelers were to ever re-sign him, I would have to contemplate suicide. Kordell Stewart is not a game winner, he is a game loser. Slash, if you are by some chance reading this, please stay retired. We know you mean good, but you'll just make it worse.


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