Burned Out on the NFL Draft: One Fan’s Cautionary Tale

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Published: April 21, 2009


... countless hours of draft coverage courtesy of everyone’s favorite guru, Mel Kiper, and his loyal crony Todd McShay, I was ready to finally see the picks unfold.

Except there was one minor problem: The draft wasn’t to commence until April 25, yet another week down the line. This confused me as I recalled how much airtime ESPN had already devoted to the draft. I personally couldn’t imagine sitting through another week of exhausting analysis and speculation, hearing the same stories and rumors regurgitated time and time again.

So here I am now, fully burned out on the NFL draft with another five days to go—certainly an unenviable position. But how did I get to this low point? Blame the oversaturation of draft coverage provided by media outlets, most notably ESPN, who coincidentally owns the full rights to the draft.

The NFL draft is a whole different animal than other professional sports drafts. Perhaps the most marked difference is the va...

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