Building the Case: Leon Washington Can Be a Full-Time Back


Published: March 17, 2009


... and someone gets tackled, but if you make a good block for Leon, he may score.” -Brad Smith

Leon Washington is being discriminated against.

People are working tirelessly to doubt and discredit the man’s potential because of an irrelevant thing like size. It’s almost as if his production doesn’t speak for itself.

Height and weight always seem significant. Football is a full-contact sport and to brave such physical abuse, one is expected to be of a particular stature.

In a game where heart, toughness, and fortitude can be more significant than any ruler, Washington doesn’t deserve such an irrational dismissal.

It is irrational, because if Leon Washington is too small, then so was the 5′8″, 200-pound Barry Sanders.

If you require a more contemporary barometer, the two-inch difference between Washington and ...

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