Buffalo Bills: You Need Jay Cutler

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Published: March 17, 2009


... Broncos. If Buffalo had Cutler, that would open up the field even more than Trent Edwards.

Edwards has not proved himself in the NFL. Every year he has been injured and has put up mediocre stats. Edwards is loved in Buffalo because of the poor play by J.P. Losman.

They believe Edwards is the answer because he has played better than Losman.

Jay Cutler would be a huge move for the Buffalo Bills if they want to win now. He would put up with the T.O. dillemas—if they come up. Cutler doesn't put up with that nonsense.

If the Bills traded Edwards and their first-round pick for Jay Cutler, then Buffalo would have to be considered a favorite to win the division and also make it to the Super Bowl.

I mean think about it: Cutler, Owens, Evans, and Lynch all on the same field together.

Yeah, it's scary!

Buffalo, wake up and go after Jay Cutler, because you would be getting an experienced, FRANCHISE quarterback whom the Bills have not h...

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