Brian Dawkins is More Newsworthy Than Jay Cutler


Published: April 4, 2009


... from highlights to (primarily) sports "news," the most sensational stories are typically the "top" stories.

So for weeks and months we have been bombarded with news of A-Rod and his "cousin," or Terrell Owens drama (again), and more recently Jay Cutler acting like a four-year old.

It is not surprising that positive stories have appear to have taken a back seat to these dramatic stories of sensationalism at its finest. 

Heck, the Ryan Moats story seemed to fade away after it became evident that Moats and his wife were not going to allow it to escalate into front page news. 

They took the high road after (former) Dallas police officer Robert Powell apologized, and even Tamishia Moats has forgiven him stating that Powell was "human" and proned to mistakes just like everyone else. 

The Moats handled the situation with dignity, patience (after the incident) and an extremely dedicated belief in humanity and yet, once that h...

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