Brett Favre: Top Five Reasons He Might Be Back


Published: March 16, 2009


... questions.

Favre said his "final" good-bye through his agent, as well as addressing random reporters. Oh, and this time he actually filed the retirement papers.

However, I'm still not convinced.

Despite being adamant about not returning, and expressing that he was truly done, I don't think I can believe him.

He toyed with Packers fans for too many years, especially the past year, and it had gotten—it has gotten—to the point where as much as we may love him, we simply cannot trust him.

So, in the potential case that Favre rumors begin swirling away, here's five reasons Favre might return this year.

1. No Press Conference

The general consensus is that Favre loves the attention, and can't get comfortable outside the limelight.

It's very possibly he chose to not had another conference because he'd feel as he would be making a mockery of himself. He didn't need another tear video collage ...

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