Brett Favre: Here We Go Again


Published: April 30, 2009


... purple. I'm supposed to think of the glory years, when Favre was leading the Packers to the Super Bowl and winning MVPs.

Vikings fans are getting excited. The player that they loved to hate for so many years, the man they said over and over was the most overrated interception-prone piece of you-know-what, may be their next quarterback.

There is one problem—none of us should care.

In the last four years, Favre has thrown more touchdowns than interceptions only once. In those same four years, he has 88 touchdowns and 85 interceptions. Only one of those four seasons could you say that he played better than very mediocre.

But, there is a reason for Favre going to the Vikings. In four home games last year, local TV stations had to buy up thousands of tickets to ensure that the Vikings game wouldn't be a blackout in order to get their advertising money. The NFL had to give Minnesota two extensions to sell out their first home playoff game in many ye...

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