Brett Farve: Good That He Left?


Published: March 15, 2009


... smart?

Over the years, Favre has been slowing losing his touch.

When he played his last game as a Packer, fans thought that he was also playing his last game. They were wrong, as we all know. 

When he played a season with the Jets, Jets fans were seeing greatness coming.

But in the season Favre had 22 interceptions. Not much of a first impression for his first season, huh? He was also sacked 30 times.

Maybe it is smart that he retired.

The main thing is that he is no longer going to play.

Should he go back after 18 seasons in the NFL? Maybe Favre still has his rhythm and could contribute to another team in '09. 

Will Favre unretire himself again?


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