Breaking News: NFL Owners Approve Rule 0.5


Published: March 28, 2009

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... 0.5, players like him will be having a tough time finding work.

The rule that has been on the table for years now finally has been approved and will revolutionize how the defensive game is played.

Under NFL Rule 0.5, Article 3, Section B, midgets only count as one-half of a player on the field.

This opens up an entirely new sets of lineups.

The 8-3, the 6-4, and many other defensive formations will arise from this new rule.

Imagine the possibilities.

Offensive lines will be overwhelmed, and the need for elusive quarterbacks will become even more necessary than ever, as the "two-hand touch" rule will apply to the midgets.

This is in line with the commissioner's new thought of less physical, longer seasons.

Worried about the long-term health of players like Vince, many owners have opted out of signing contracts with "biggie" lineman, as they will now be called.

The NFL owners believe the ...

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