Breaking News: John Madden Calls It a Career.


Published: April 16, 2009


... absolute marvel. No one, with the possible exception of Tim McCarver, stated the obvious more often than him.

In his later years, he became laughable, based on how many times he could injerject the word "well" into a sentence.

But for a man with many faults, John Madden was always entertaining, even if for all the wrong reasons.

He also breathed life into an analyst job that was severely lacking before his arrival.

Madden was the ultimate insider, and the first guy to really discuss the x's and o's of pro football in an engaging, and interesting way.

It was almost as if he was explaining the complexities of football so much that he could have written Pro Football for Dummies.

But we embranced John Madden, he was the type of guy who wants to go have a beer with you after the game.

He was also the perfect complement to the straight-laced and often dull announcing of Pat Summerall with his loud and boisterous commentary.

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