Breaking News: Jay Cutler Traded to The Carolina Panthers


Published: March 16, 2009


... pick, Jake Delhomme, and a recording of "Cry Me A River."

The new head coach of the Denver Broncos has been quoted as saying, "Thank God this cry baby is gone and now we can focus on the upcoming losing season."

John Fox and other unnamed players have also commented on the trade saying, "I'm so glad Jake is gone now we can focus on winning and not having to remind Jake what color we are wearing."

This puts the Carolina Panthers in the driver's seat of the NFC South.

Jay Cutler has signed an 15-year extension for 15,000,000,000 pennies a year and a bonus for every time he wins the cutest baby contest, and for every full night of sleep John Fox gets without Cutler waking him up screaming bloody murder.

The Whole State of Coloradoas rejoiced by playing the newly received recording of "Cry Me A River."


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