Black and Gold X’s and O’s | Identifying Concepts: The Overload Blitz


Published: July 20, 2009

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... of the schematics the Saints will use this upcoming season, in hopes of retaking control of the NFC South.

Today's edition deals with one of the elements that a Gregg Williams' defense is best known forthe overload blitz.

I will first explain some of the important things to note about the way defenses are called and run, in order to make it easier to understand what follows.

First, is that the defense always lines up based on the personnel and formation of the offense.

Second, many defenses play strongside and weakside, meaning the linebackers align to one side or the other based upon where the tight end, or other designated player, is lined up.

Third, the way a blitz is run changes based on personnel, formation, motion, and/or a few other possible factors.


The Overload Blitz

Several defenses run an overload blitz, but there are many different variations to it. Most tea...

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