BJ Raji Is Still the Right Choice For the Lions


Published: April 9, 2009


... so it was a similar situation to the Lions in 2009. The choice was between QB's Matt Leinart and Vince Young. The Texans raised the ire of draftniks and Mel Kipers by choosing Mario Williams. They were right. 

The lions are on the clock this year and their choices at quarterback are less compelling than Leinart or Young. Their needs on defense are huge. They were last in the league against the run in 2008. Both starting tackles have been moved and the only replacement brought in has been Grady Jackson. 

The Lions also brought in a new head coach. Jim Schwartz is used to having the interior line free things up with Albert Haynesworth. He also watched one of those highly drafted quarterbacks sit behind Kerry Collins last year. 

The Lions could easily be looking at drafting Aaron Curry according to some of the same experts that have them choosing Matt Stafford. The experts point to Curry as a cure for the run defense. Curing the run defense happens ...

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