BJ Raji Fails Drug Test


Published: April 3, 2009


... College DT, BJ Raji has failed another drug test.

I'm not sure what drug it was that he was taking, but the drug test he failed in college was for marijuana. If so, according to the NFL's drug policy, a positive test for street drugs, which includes marijuana, puts the player in the initial stage of the NFL's drug program. Meaning he will be tested randomly and could receive a possible fine or suspension.

Will this hurt his stock?

I think that this hurts his stock quite a bit.

Back when Warren Sapp failed a drug test his stock fell. He fell to the Bucs at 12, which turned out to be a steal.

Although, with that being said, maybe what happened to Sapp helps him? The use of drugs shouldn't affect his play.

Sapp was easily a top pick, but slipped to the Bucs at 12, this could be good news for a team picking outside the top 10 that was targeting him, possibly a team picking just inside the top ten.

What do you th...

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