Bill Parcells – Al Davis Conversation Recorded


Published: March 24, 2009


... Raiders HQ phone system. I don't have time to explain but wanted to print out the transcript in case anyone was interested to hear how the recent trade for Dolphins Center Samson Satele went down.

John Herrera (Raiders front office guy) makes the call to Mami Dolphins HQ

Receptionist:  "Miami Dolphins, how may I direct your call?"

John Herrera:  "Hi I'd like to speak to Tony Spp--u sppar..."

Receptionist:  "Sparano?"

John Herrera: "Yea"

Receptionist: "He's not available, can I take a message?"

John Herrera: "How about Jeff Britain?"

Receptionist: "Who?"

John Herrera: "Sorry, Jeff Ireland.  My bad."

Receptionist: "One moment please"

Bill Parcells: "Hello, Bill Parcells speaking."

John Herrera: "Bill? I was expecting to talk to Jeff Ireland, Dolphins GM"

Bill Parcells: "You can talk to me.  What can I do for you?"

John Herrera: "We would like you to return our cente...

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