Bigger Is Better… Well Maybe It’s Just a Better Idea.


Published: April 1, 2009


... Cutler-y or maybe just maybe they will opt for a young man who shares his name with a former President of the United States.

How rewarding is it to take a quarterback with the No.1 overall draft pick? It can be very rewarding, just ask the Dallas Cowboys (Troy Aikman, 1989), the New England Patriots (Drew Bledsoe, 1993) or even the Indianapolis Colts (Peyton Manning, 1998).

The three of them own a combined five Super Bowl Rings (Aikman with 3 victories and  both Manning and Bledsoe with one). Bledsoe wasn't even the starting QB for his lone Super Bowl ring. That honor belongs to a former sixth round pick who by himself has three super bowl rings.

Since that '89 draft where Aikman went first overall, ten quarterbacks have gone No.1 overall. Other than Bledsoe & Manning, only one othe player has led their team to a Super Bowl victory, Eli Manning.  The irony behind that stat is that Manning didn't lead the team he was draft...

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