Bears Unlock Forte-Knox and Find Gould!


Published: September 23, 2009

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... play on words using all three of these players. I know the names Knox and Gould have been gnawing at you. But it's over now. So let's get past it all you "Punsters of the Midway," and talk football.


I know there are a lot of Chicago fans out there who read that headline and screamed, "But Forte hasn't done anything yet! He's in a sophomore slump, and he can't see the field!" First of all, stop screaming at your PC. It's unseemly, and you're spraying spit all over the monitor.

Bears fans have a habit of scratching through silver linings to get a better look at the cloud. Wednesdays are particularly hard, as the football news cycle inexorably turns from game day highlights towards next game's predictions.

It's when the euphoria wears off, and the reverse-alchemists come out, using statistics to turn our gold (even our Gould) into lead.

I read a column this week in one of Chicago's two main dailies that argued the Bears sho...

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