Bears and Broncos: Orton for Cutler Is A Win/Win


Published: April 3, 2009


... reading a lot about this trade already—opinions from all angles. I will have to just spit my input out in bullets, because it seems as though a lot has been covered already. Here is my take (yes I’ll be rambling, so I’m just going to try to keep each point short).


First of all, wow, thank you Jerry Angelo!

You still suck, but at least you grew a pair for the first time in your tenure. It may save you job, at least in the eyes of Bears fans.

A lot of people (the media) who considered J Cut (my new nickname for my new favorite QB Jay Cutler) a stud before are now calling him a slightly above average quarterback. The same people who called Kyle Orton inadequate are now calling him average. Very biased (ehem ESPN).

They’re probably just pissed theyre golden boy Brett Favre is retiring.

I have to say the Bears overpaid. By a lot.

But consider this—If they don’t overpay, they lose out to a team that ...

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