Bears and Broncos Both Win From Cutler Trade


Published: April 2, 2009


... into pro or con, I want to look at the Jay Cutler trade and tell it from both sides.

I am not going to use statistics, which I know will likely upset some people.

I am not going to try to predict how many games either the Broncos or Bears will win next season.

Instead, I want to look at this logically. Because, my initial reaction when I heard the news was that both teams won in this deal. And I still feel that way.


Pros for Denver 

I think it is fairly obvious that anytime you can take a potential locker room nuisance out of play, and get something significant back in its' place, you did well. And that is what Denver did.

By adding the eighteenth pick in the 2009 NFL Draft to the pick they already possessed, the No. 12, the Broncos have a chance to get two quality young players to build their franchise (hopefully their defense) around. 

And by adding a pick for next se...

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