Baby Patriots? The Patriots Aren’t As Old As You Think They Are


Published: April 29, 2009


... jumpers from the foul line over John Salmons. My dad who is an avid Boston sports fan frequently asks me sports questions like I'm the human equivalent of the latest sports encyclopedia. Yesterday was different, yesterday he opened up my eyes to something.

The conversation went from the Celtics to the Patriots. We were talking about how Brady would rebound when gold came out my father's mouth.

He said that the New England Patriots defense isn't old anymore. Actually its the complete opposite.

Gone are the days of having multiple linebackers being over 30 years old. Gone is the safety that is older than the stone ages. It seems like after this draft Bill Belichick has loaded up his roster with nothing but young players.

For starters the Patriots traded away one of the oldest players on the roster, Mike Vrabel. Even though he was one of our best players he was on the decline in terms of his pass rushing abilities. 

Two other play...

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