Atlanta Falcons: Not Many New Eggs in the Nest So Far


Published: March 25, 2009


... soon. The Atlanta Falcons have appeared cool, calm, and collected.

The only addition made to the team was Mike Peterson, a 32-year-old vet who is known to bring energy to the defense—he even gets in trouble for doing so. He isn't a young Sean Jones, or a troublesome Pacman Jones. He is a leader, and a productive one at that.

While many will grunt and groan about the lack of movement in free agency, let us first consider what exactly the Falcons are about. The Falcons aren't flashy. If this were high school, they would most likely represent the goofy-looking guy with freckles, frisky hair, and Coke-bottle glasses. While everyone finds some new intriguing facet to gaze upon, he sits...developing his master plan. What exactly does this master plan include? Only a foundation for the future.

Flying low on the radar of an already exceptional draft class is Chevis Jackson. He has a knack for being around the ball often and making plays. He may not be the fast...

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