Atlanta Falcons Drafted Competition


Published: April 28, 2009


... Jerry and William Moore, but what they really drafted this year was competition. 

The Falcons had a lot of holes on the defense and they drafted a player for every single hole. Now the picks they made are not necessarily meant to directly fill in those holes on the contrary. 

What the Falcons have now is young depth at corner defensive end safety and defensive tackle. 

What this depth does more then anything is create position competition. There is no longer a lock on the defensive side of the ball for some players. 

I believe this will be seen best in the secondary. Where Thomas Decoud, Jamal Fudge and William Moore will compete for the starting strong safety position. All three of these safeties are hard hitters with good size and a desire for football. 

The pick of Moore may just result in one of the three players mentioned above too break out. 

Then the corner posit...

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