Are There Any Solutions to the Washington Redskins’ Wide-Receiver Enigma?


Published: April 8, 2009


... With the exception of Santana Moss, they have never, in recent memory, been able to provide the offense with a sparkplug or a consistent home-run threat.

The 'Skins have a solid running game, but it is the passing game that has kept the offense from taking off. Jason Campbell will only take what opposing defenses give him and so he needs a special player to provide him more opportunities to open up the offense.

Possessing a great receiver opposite Moss would enable Campbell to expand his game and become a more unpredictable QB. Too many times last year, Campbell would struggle to find open receivers.

This hurt his production and he began to become less decisive as the season wore on.

Campbell is all about rhythm. He needs to have things working smoothly. He needs his receivers to create opportunities. 

Moss is as close as it comes to having a big game receiver, but he isn't consistent. He goes through stretches where he drops passes in bu...

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