Are the Greatest Players the Ones Who Were Most Dominant in Their Era or Not?


Published: March 30, 2009


... makes someone the greatest player in his position or sport as a whole? As I was reading a fascinating article by Bryn Swartz, which claimed that Don Hutson, a wide receiver from the 1940s, was the greatest receiver in NFL history, I couldn’t help but wonder this exact question.

It seems to me that everyone has a different definition as to what makes someone the greatest player.

Even in the dictionary, the word "best" doesn’t have one definition, as it is defined as surpassing all others in excellence, achievement, or quality.

Therefore, are the greatest players the ones who were most dominant in their era or not?

Should Don Hutson really be considered better than Jerry Rice because he was more dominant in his era? Would Babe Ruth be considered the greatest baseball player of all time if he had played in the modern era?

The problem with saying that a player is the greatest of all time if he was the most dominant in his era, is that genera...

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