Are Left Tackles Over Rated


Published: April 21, 2009


... with about a half dozen probably going in the first round. What makes these guys so special and how are they any different from right tackles or the interior line?

Here I will break down the reasoning behind why this position is such a pivotal part of any offense and why they are so overrated.


Skills of the left tackle

Left tackles are known for exceptional athleticism for their size and are asked to match the top pass rushers in the game step-for-step.  This combination of size, athleticism and power are quite rare.

Left tackles are also known for their tremendous power in the running game and offenses will often run the majority of their running plays to the left, also known as the defensive weak side.


Why do left tackles need to be so good?

First, the obvious reason is that most teams spend more time running to the left. Another reason is the fact that they are protecting th...

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