April Fantasy Mock Draft: Round 1

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Published: April 7, 2009


... border="0" width="175" height="175" />April is NFL Draft month, so what better way to kick things off than with a little fantasy mock draft of our own?!?

And since we are in the drafting spirit, this month’s fantasy mock draft will go a full two rounds. Watch out! That is partially in an attempt to ask your forgiveness for last month’s lack of a fantasy mock, but mostly because we enjoy drafting no matter what time of year it is.

Even better still, all three of The Hazean’s writers joined in on the mock drafting fun. The three of us drafted in the following order—Blaine, Marc, Michael—and the results can be seen after the jump below.

To recap 2009’s fantasy mock drafts to date, Adrian Peterson has gone No. 1 in both. There has been some movement in the top half of the first round, but most of the names have remained the same. A few names on Bleacher Report - NFL
Article Source: BleacherReport.com