Andre Smith Will Make The Cleveland Browns Better


Published: April 19, 2009


... numbers that don't tell the whole story of the dominance for those Dallas Cowboys teams that won three Super Bowl titles in a four year span.

The whole truck-load of a story includes Nate Newton, Erik Williams, and the behemoth Larry Allen.

Those three powerdrivers, in particular, gave Emmitt Smith plenty of room to run, and made life so easy for Troy Aikman.

In order to be consistent in the NFL, you have to able to control the line of scrimmage. The idea is simple but the execution is much harder.

Phil Savage, in my mind, made a huge error in selecting Joe Thomas over Adrian Peterson. Joe Thomas has not made the Cleveland Browns any better, and not only that, Joe Thomas has contributed to the demise of one QB (Charlie Frye, traded to Seattle as a third string), demise and injuries to Derek Anderson, Brady Quinn, Dorsey and Grabowski (?). That's an amazing casualty list of QB injuries for a OLT supposed to protect the money position.


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