An Open Letter to Potential NFL Draft Picks


Published: April 5, 2009


... football.

Hell, I wasn’t good enough to consider playing small time college football.

I can’t imagine what it would be like to know that I’m going to be drafted by an NFL team in a few short weeks.

Some of you are just a few short weeks away from potentially making more money than most of us will make in our lifetimes.

So how about growing up a little?

Is it too much to ask to avoid the pot for the couple of months between your bowl game and the draft? Seriously? How could any of you test positive for pot at the combine?

At the COMBINE, of all places!

The stupidity of that is astounding.

If I’m an NFL GM, how can I trust that you won’t be the next Ricky Williams? You couldn’t stay away from pot for three months! That shows me an amazing lack of self control, and an even more insane lack of intelligence.

The official list of players who fa...

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