An Email to the NFL from Roger Goodell


Published: March 31, 2009


... 32 NFL teams, I understand how you may feel that we as the Administration of the NFL are “toning down the game.” But you’ve got to take into consideration the players safety on this matter.

As the NFL has evolved, many rule changes have been put into place. Be it the requirement of pads and helmets, or the rule where if a play is a fumble, but the team is named the Patriots after a great American tragedy, it is automatically ruled a fumble, we do this for the betterment of the NFL.

You see, as the NFL players get bigger, stronger, and faster, we’ve noticed a recurring theme. The harder the players are hit, the more injuries (boo-boos) sustained.

In our ever constant attempt to make the Pittsburgh Steelers not play football so physically (after all, we’re only playing for fun, right?) we are going to keep the two rules and hopefully by the start of the season, we come up with better names for the rules instead of using...

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