American Blue Obsession


Published: March 31, 2009


... of the 92 teams in this survey's main color is blue. That is about 46 percent! Some of the teams that wear blue is understanding but some are outrageous.

For instance the Detroit Lions. What Lions have you seen that are blue? Another one that makes you scratch your head is the Detroit Tigers.

What's up with the Detroit teams? Are they color blind or just stupid?

Of all the NFL teams, 15 of them wear the color blue as their main color. That is just under 50 percent.

Of all the MLB teams, 13 teams wear blue and red, finished in second, with nine.

Out of the 30 NBA teams, 14 of them wear blue. That, like the NFL, is just under 50 percent.

So why is blue such a popular color?

I guess nobody knows for sure, it is just a pure color that is original and everybody seems to like it, I guess.

Orange does not look to be a very popular color these days with sports teams, only four teams wear that as their main color.

Red is the se...

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