Al Davis Still Got It!!!


Published: March 14, 2009


... move - the signing of Kalif Barnes, the former Jacksonville Jaguars starting left tackle.

Last year Al overpaid for free agents.  Everyone including Al knows this.  What is up for debate is the reason why he overpaid. 

Al has never shied away from getting what he wants, whether it be a free agent such as Tommy Kelly, Warren Sapp and Asomugha to name a few; or for getting his guy in the draft via trading up Nap Harris, Michael Bush and Mario Henderson to name a few; or for trading for Randy Moss, DeAngelo Hall and Steve Wisnewski to name a few. 

His detractors say that he needs to overpay to get people to Oakland and perhaps there is some truth to it, but let’s be real….Al gets ANY PLAYER who Al wants.  Coaches are another story.

The Kalif Barnes story is classic Davis.  Al made it real clear that the Raiders (Coach Cable and Al) wanted (re...

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