After Super Bowl XLIII, Ben Roethlisberger is Elite: No Doubt About It


Published: April 4, 2009


... asked:

Is Kurt Warner now worthy of the Hall of Fame?


Is Ben Roethlisberger an elite QB in today's game?


The first question is a tough call, but the second is anything but. So, to me, it's surprising that so few outside of Pittsburgh know the real answer: Yes, Big Ben is elite.

I've commented on articles about Roethlisberger before. Strangely, it seems that every time someone replies to affirm my positive statements about the Steelers quarterback, they're from the Pittsburgh area.

I click on their Bleacher Report profile, and whaddya know? They're a Steelers fan.

Not that the originators of the Terrible Towel do not have a valid opinion on it; it is their team and it is their QB, but there is nonetheless always a tendency by some to discredit hometown fans on the basis of assumed bias.


The funny thing is, it seems that many people's opinions of Big Ben have worsened...

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