A Trade the Denver Broncos Could Make That Really Would Represent Cutler’s Value

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Published: March 19, 2009


... enough find people contributing to Bleacher Report that actually really know their football.

Billy De Costa made an absolutely great post on a good article by Andy Auger talking about a potential trade between Cleveland and Denver involving (as the principal players) Brady Quinn, Shaun Rogers and Jay Cutler.

De Costa says…

“People seem to say that because Quinn ran Charlie Weis' offence at Notre Dame, he could run Josh McDaniels offence in Denver.

"Trouble I see is, those are two totally different offences. When Weis was in New England, the Patriots emphasized ball control with the run game, two-back sets and double tight ends. Watching McDaniels' offences the past few season, he uses three, four and five wide sets.

"He spends 75 percent of the time in shotgun with one or no back, uses short four and five yard passes to control the ball while still spreading out the defence and when he does run the ball, usually it's out of d...

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